“ Step in KECV, Save the Calf ”

About Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village— KECV 

Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village (KECV) is the latest addition to Tasik Kenyir’s vast attractions, it was built in 2012 and has covered of 256 hectares of land. There is only 10% of the area are developed and the rest of them remain untouched. The purpose of maintaining the 90% area untouched are to preserved the nature of the forest and ensures a “home” for the elephant orphan that living in it.

The elephants in KECV are all local elephants. Most of them are orphans, some of them were missed in their teams and lost themselves in the woods, some of their families were killed due to ivory trade and there are also elephants were caught by villagers because of raiding crop and villages.

KECV ensures the support and survival of current 18 elephants living in harmony with nature and community. Moreover, the elephants are taking care by professional veterinarians and elephant keeper.

What we do 

A safe and new home is given for the rescued elephants. KECV helps to reduce farmer’s burdens, lighten human-wildlife conflict and increase public awareness for those critical issues facing by the elephants.

KECV is an important bond that maintains a good relationship by living in harmony between elephants and local villagers. KECV provides villagers and elephants a better livelihood.

Critical Issues faced by local elephants.

The local elephants in KECV are all asian elephants and is now a profoundly endangered species. Local elephants are threatened by growing human-wildlife conflict and an upsurge in ivory poaching.

Moreover, the rapidly growing of population and gradually increasing of development in Kuala Terengganu, has left them to have inadequate fragment of “wild” with them and with no chance of finding adequate food or water.

The rising incident of elephants raiding crop and villages in Terengganu has caused the villagers lost of their property and sometimes even their lives. This has resulted in some of the villagers kill theses elephants in order to protect themselves.

Our Mission

If the critical issues are still arising, elephant in Terengganu may be homeless or injured or killed.  Therefore, KECV plays an important role in educating public the issues that facing by the elephant.

The rescued elephant has being a representative of their species in helping KECV to educate the public and earns their own living. Besides that, KECV provides educational presentation for the public on the behaviour and habitat of the elephant.

Keeping an elephant is very costly and labour intensive. According to the records from KECV, adult elephant consumes approximately 100 – 250 kg of food per day and baby elephant consumes 80 – 100kg per day. Therefore, the tourism industry becomes a possible solution for them.

Our Aim 

Rescues elephant from the harsh and abusive environments is not the only target for KECV. Instead, to sustain their species and increase public awareness about their threat is the final aim of KECV. Providing rides and educational presentation to tourists are relatively an easy work for elephants and allows them to contribute for their species and earn their own living.

Furthermore, KECV gives the opportunity for tourist and villagers to get closer and observe them. The elephants in KECV are roaming freely in the 90% remain untouched forest, group together in herds, and also mating with others to inherit their next generation.

KECV employs professional veterinarian to ensures that the elephant receives ongoing and high quality medical attention.

KECV supports the local community by creating job opportunity for the local villagers. In addition, it also increases employment for the rural area and improve people’s well-being while working towards the survival and safety of the elephants. Local people are trained to become lodge staff, maintenance, worker, tour guide and even mahouts.



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Opening Hours

Sunday 09:0018:00
Note : KECV will be closed on 12:30 - 14:30 (Friday Only) due to prayer time for muslim staff.