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Celebrate with us !

Plan and bring a touch of the outdoors to your special event! Celebrate the big days with your friends and family in KECV ! Make the party special with our wild party guests — The largest land mammal in the world, the elephants are waiting here for you to join them !

You can bring your party, such as anniversary celebrations, birthday, wedding, holiday parties, reunions, movie shooting, photography, walkathons and more to our suggested venue. 

Suggested Venue:

  • KECV Restaurant
  • Car park
  • Educational Presentation Field
  • Others 

Suggested Venue may be vary depends on your request and the size of the party.

Let the big day of a lifetime begin ! 

All events and parties are custom crafted to suit your needs – just contact us for more details. 

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* All photos shown are for illustration purpose only.