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Interesting Fact About Elephant.

What is the skin colour of the elephant ?

Asian elephants skin are actually grey in colour, instead of yellowish brown. Many Asian elephants in Thailand are in yellowish brown colour, because of the dirt on their body. In KECV, elephants bathe 6-7 times a day ! 

What kind of animals eats elephants ?

Elephants have no natural predators. However, lions or tigers will sometimes prey on young or weak elephants in the wild. The main risk to elephants is from human through poaching and changes to their habitat.

Can elephants swim ?

Yes, definitely ! They use their trunk to breathe like a snorkel.

How to differentiate whether the elephant is left or right-handed ?

You can differentiate it by looking at which side of tusk that they are most frequently used.

How long does a female elephant take from conception to have a baby ?

The pregnancy period is about 22 months, which is longer than any other animals in the world !

Are the elephants actually afraid of mice ?

No, although the myth states that the mice can run up their trunk and suffocate them, however there is not truth to this at all. What they really afraid is that they couldn’t endure a very huge sound (and cannot be seen) or an object that is moving very fast.

Any other land animals that bigger than elephants ?

No, elephants are the largest of all land animals in the world !

How many muscles are in an elephant’s trunk ?

Elephant’s trunk contained over 40,000 muscles, equivalent to 62.5 times the human body. You start to get an idea how intricate the appendage is !