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Village Visit Tips / Tips for Visiting KECV

To make sure you and your friends and family have a memorable and enjoyable trip in KECV, pre-arrival tips are always useful !


Please Do Not Tease Elephant With The Food 

Giving respect to the elephant and for your own safety.

Buy Ticket In Advance

Get Promotion price online and avoid the gate admission prices. Also skip the waiting lines and get a head start to the journey at the village.

Plan An Unforgettable day 

Check the KECV Daily Timetable, and make sure you do not miss out any activities such as the elephant bathing and educational presentation. You can read through or download the KECV Map as a reference as well.

Plan Well On Getting To KECV

You can refer to Getting Here for helping you to have an idea on planing and arranging your transport to KECV.

Wear Comfortable Outfit 

You will be walking canopy walkway and riding elephant during the day in KECV, so comfortable outfit for you and your children are very important.

Bring Extra Change Of Clothes

In case of raining day, sweating and naughty elephant squirts water towards you !  

Be Sun Smart 

We have sunny and lovely weather in Malaysia as well as in KECV, so bring along hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to avoid sunburn and protect eyes from direct solar glare. 

Prepared For The Rain 

Weather is unpredictable, so always be prepared in a trip is very important.  You can search the weather condition in KECV aren on the page of Weather to check that if raincoat or umbrella are needed for the day at KECV.

Note: You can check the weather condition at the right-hand side of this page.

Protection Against Insect

You can bring along insect repellent for avoiding mosquitos and unexpected bites.

Stop And Rest Frequently

There are many seatings and rest area in KECV, where you can take a break for a snack or feel the wild and nature around you. These break provide a great time for you to stay a little longer with the natural forest.

* Ticket counter closes at 17:30 

Opening Hours

Sunday 09:0018:00
Note : KECV will be closed on 12:30 - 14:30 (Friday Only) due to prayer time for muslim staff.